The 2017 annual meeting of nanjing weier pharmaceutical co., LTD was a complete success

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Winter is cold and December 29, 2017 is a warm day. The annual meeting of nanjing weier pharmaceutical co., LTD was held at suning nouveau hotel at 1pm on the same day. The meeting was presided by general deputy general manager gao zhengsong.

The annual meeting is divided into the 2017 summary commendation conference and the welcome party. General manager zhang Ming of nanjing weier biochemical co., ltd. and chairman wu renrong of nanjing weier pharmaceutical co., ltd. respectively delivered a summary speech on the work of biological company and pharmaceutical company in 2017. Chairman wu renrongs speech was mainly divided into two parts: the year-end work summary of 2017 and the speech about executive power - corporate culture. Manager wu first made a comprehensive summary of will pharmaceuticals work in 2017, including production, quality, technology, engineering, daily management, etc. In particular, he commended the energy conservation, consumption reduction and technological progress in the production process, and hoped to build on this year.

After the chairmans speech, the company commended the annual advanced individual and excellent achievements one by one and called on the general staff to pay tribute to the advanced and learn. The 2017 advanced selection results of nanjing weier biochemical co., LTD were 8 in total, including 6 advanced individuals, 1 advanced class group and 1 advanced department. The 2017 advanced selection results of nanjing weier pharmaceutical co., LTD were 66, including 56 advanced individuals, 8 advanced teams and 2 advanced departments.

Of course, the most popular activity of the annual meeting is "welcome to the New Year party". Fifteen cultural and artistic programs, carefully planned and arranged by employees of all departments of the company, have come on stage in various forms, such as dancing, songs, sketches and musicals. All the employees in the show are in high spirits and enthusiasm, and their talents will be fully displayed on the stage of the annual meeting. The audience is more staring, clapping hands, applause from time to time thunderous, more than a wave higher! This years shows are more exciting and engaging than ever. The final pharmaceutical sales department won the first prize for "dunhuang dream", a musical themed on the companys travel to dunhuang in August this year.

Finally, wills annual dinner and raffle. This year, the raffle awards are more widely distributed, and many employees are happy and have gained something.

Good times are always short, and the 2017 corporate annual event ended well after the final grand prize was announced. This annual meeting not only enriches the cultural life of the employees, provides the stage for them to show themselves, but also strengthens the internal cohesion of the department, enhances the recognition and sense of belonging of the employees to the company. It is believed that in the future 2018, the company will lead all the employees to the next step and create a brilliant future.


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